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The discipleship process is intended to develop individuals into devout leaders for Christ who make other disciples. our process is broken into four stage. regardless of where you are in your spiritual walk, we encourage you to begin the discipleship process and become the disciple-maker jesus intended for us to be.

To view the lesson for each stage, click the appropriate stage button below. If you would like to begin the discipleship process at Christ's Mercy, submit the form below and our discipleship pastor will contact you shortly. 

Stage 1: Entrance - Designed to enter someone into a relationship with Christ by a firm commitment of their faith and sharing their testimony. Also, this is the 'entrance' into the family of God - the Church. Thus, completing this stage and publicly sharing your testimony (the last lesson of this stage) is the 'formal' membership process for Christ's Mercy.

Stage 2: Grow - After making a firm commitment of faith in Christ and publicly declaring that you have done so (by sharing your testimony, being baptized, and taking communion - all in Stage 1), it is time to grow in your personal relationship with Christ. Stage 2 is designed around four key points: Identity, Prayer, Reading the Bible, and Overcoming Sin. At the end of stage 2, you should be confident in your identity as a Christian, consistently praying and reading the Bible, and living victoriously over sin in your life.

Stage 3: Minister - Once you have a strong personal relationship with Christ, it is time to begin serving and ministering to others. In Stage 3, you will: (1) identify your spiritual gifts and where you can serving in Church, (2) be trained and equipped for evangelism, and (3) learn core Christian doctrine.

Stage 4: Multiply - At this point in the discipleship process, you have a vibrant relationship with Christ, sustained in consistent prayer, bible reading, and other spiritual devotions. You are actively serving in Church, understand core Christian doctrine, and are spreading the Gospel to others through word and deed. Now it is time to multiply. This stage is all about reproducing your growth as a disciple in another person. You will be trained in discipling others and you will begin mentoring someone through the discipleship process on your own. We were created to be disciples who make disciples. In this stage, we accomplish that.


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