Cmc leadership


Christ's Mercy is overseen by the dual leadership of the Lead Pastor and the Servant Team. The Lead Pastor establishes the church vision and direction, as well as overseeing the day to day operations and ministries. The Servant Team oversee the general protection, leadership, doctrine, and major decisions of Christ's Mercy Church. Additionally, the Servant Team provide support and exist to hold the Lead Pastor accountable. 


Calvin & Crystal Willams

Lead Pastor/Church Planter

Calvin & Crystal Williams

Calvin and Crystal got married in August of 2014. December of the same year, Calvin graduated with his degree in Biblical Studies from East Texas Baptist University. Upon graduation, they moved to Katy, TX following God's call to start a new church. After casting vision for a few months, the new Christ's Mercy officially launched Easter of 2015. Since then, Calvin and Crystal have had the privilege of seeing God do amazing work in people's lives, including their own! 

Calvin serves as the Lead Pastor of Christ's Mercy. He grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder, while competing against his four older brothers in anything possible. During his time in college, Calvin led multiple ministries, preached at various churches, and traveled to play music at restaurants and bars on the weekends. This effort was a practical expression of Calvin's heart is to make disciples by (1) reaching new people with the Gospel and (2) training existing believers to make other disciples. As the Lead Pastor, Calvin oversees the teaching, staff, and vision of Christ's Mercy.

Crystal serves as the worship leader of Christ's Mercy and oversees women's discipleship. She is a city-girl that enjoys running, baking, blogging, and sharing rich conversations with women over caramel macchiatos at local coffee shops. While at ETBU, Crystal studied Mass Communications and Religion, making it her life goal to communicate to masses about Jesus Christ through whatever platform of communication God provides.

Together, Calvin and Crystal seek to follow God's calling for Christ's Mercy.