September 16th - John 15:1-17 | The Vine and the Branches

JOHN 15:1-17 | The Vine and the Branches


Icebreaker or Game

Sermon Recap.

Read & Discussion Questions:

Read John 15:1-8

  • What 3 things are branches apart from the vine lacking?

  • How do branches broken off a tree wither up? How does this relate to us spiritually separated from our vine?

  • Calvin said, “We want the wine of Christianity without being a part of the vine that produces it.” — What does this mean?

  • In the sermon, Calvin showed a picture of two different roses — how did the first one look compared to the second?

  • What happens when you don’t prune a rose bush?

  • Why does God prune us?

  • What’s the difference between hurt and harm?

Read John 15:9-17

  • How can we remain and abide in the Jesus?

  • What is God pruning in your life and how can you submit to him?



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