August 19th - John 13:1-17 | Be Served. Go Serve.

JOHN 13:1-17 | Be Served. Go Serve.

  1. Introduction: 
    1. Icebreaker or Game
    2. Intro Video/Sermon Recap. (If the video doesn’t work you can do your own brief summary the same way.)
  2. Read & Discussion Questions:
    1. Read John 13:1-5
      1. How did people typically eat important meals during this time? AKA, how were they seated around the table?
      2. Who washed peoples feet in this society? (The lowest slaves).
    2. Read John 13:6-11
      1. Calvin said the greatest threat to our own lives is our own pride. How does Peter’s pride almost ruin this moment?
      2. How does pride keep us from (1) growing in life and (2) growing in faith?
      3. We need Jesus to minister to us daily, like having to wash their feet daily. How do you set aside time for Jesus to minister to you?
    3. Read John 13:12-17
      1. Do we all agree that serving is a fundamental calling of being a Christian?
      2. How did Dr. Dub serve in Calvin’s sermon?
      3. If this is fundamental to the Christian walk, how can you serve:
        1. In your church?
        2. In your community?
        3. In your daily life?
  3. Pray