July 29th - John 11:54-12:11 | Break Out In Worship

JOHN 12:1-11 | Break Out In Worship

  1. Introduction: 
    1. Icebreaker or Game
    2. Intro Video/Sermon Recap. (If the video doesn’t work you can do your own brief summary the same way.)
  2. Read & Discussion Questions:
    1. Read John 12:1-3
      1. What stands out to you about Mary’s act towards Jesus?
      2. In his sermon, Sam highlights Mary’s gift as a profound, spontaneous act of worship. How should our love for Christ be reflected likewise?
    2. Read John 12:4-5
      1. How can people give a false pretense of righteousness like Judas?
    3. Read John 12:7-8
      1. How did this act prepare Jesus for his burial?
    4. Read John 12:9-11
      1. Because of Lazarus’ testimony about Jesus, many people were coming to believe in Jesus. How can you story lead others to Christ?
      2. Who is someone in your life that you can invite to Church or talk to about Jesus?


  1. Pray