July 22nd - John 11:1-53 | Raised to New Life

JOHN 11:1-53 | Raised to New Life

  1. Introduction: 
    1. Icebreaker or Game
    2. Intro Video/Sermon Recap. (If the video doesn’t work you can do your own brief summary the same way.)
  2. Read & Discussion Questions:
    1. Read John 11:1-6
      1. Jesus intentionally chooses not to intervene immediately with Lazarus’ sickness. Why does Jesus intentionally choose not to intervene in our lives (or waits to intervene?
      2. Calvin read a quote about Lobsters in sermon. Why do Lobsters shed their shells and how does this principle apply to our lives?
    2. Read John 11:7-16
      1. In the last few chapters, we have seen a lot of hostility towards Jesus. Why is it important that Jesus intentionally chooses to return to Judea?
      2. What is the disciples response knowing Jesus is choosing to put his life on the line?
    3. John 11:17-37
      1. Martha, Mary, and the crowd all say “If Jesus would have been here Lazarus wouldn’t have died.” Why is it common for us to question God’s love and purpose when things don’t go as we think they should?
        1. Do you have an example from your life where you said something like this?
      2. Never let you one-sided perspective determine the love of God. | Discuss how this applies to our lives.
    4. John 11:38-44
      1. Jesus intentionally allows Lazarus to die so that instead of healing a sickness he could raise a dead man to life, performing a far greater work. 
        1. How does Jesus allowing hardship and suffering grow and mature us?
        2. Calvin said, “temporary afflictions lead to eternal glory” — discuss how that applies to Jesus’ life and then discuss how it applies to ours.
    5. John 11:45-53
      1. What is the political backdrop with the Romans which makes the religious leaders make this statement?
      2. From this point on in the Gospel, they will be trying to take Jesus’ life. Once Jesus does this miracle in front of a large crowd, there is no turning back. This chapter begins the journey to the cross.
        1. Jesus knowingly and willingly exchanges his life for Lazarus’ life. When we experience suffering and hardship, let us remember our savior who willingly choose suffering himself for a greater work and eternal glory.
    6. General Questions
      1. How did the sermon impact you?
      2. How did God speak to you Sunday?
      3. What action is God wanting you to take?
  3. Pray