June 24th - John 8:45-59 | The Great I AM

JOHN 8:45-59 | The Great I Am

  1. Introduction: 
    1. Icebreaker or Game
    2. Intro Video/Sermon Recap. (If the video doesn’t work you can do your own brief summary the same way.)
  2. Read & Discussion Questions:
    1. Read John 8:45-47
      1. Jesus asks the crowd to prove him guilty of a sin, but no one is able to. Why is it important that Jesus is sinless?
    2. Read John 8:48-53
      1. Who do they try to compare Jesus to?
      2. Who are other great teachers and leaders in human history?
      3. Why does the comparison game not work when comparing these people with Jesus?
    3. Read John 8:54-55
      1. Jesus says, “My Father, whom you claim as your God…” and in verse 55 he says, “who you do not know.” / So, although these people claim they know God, Jesus says they don’t really know him or have a relationship with him. 
      2. Who is a famous person you know a lot about but don’t actually have a personal relationship with? // What is the difference?
    4. Read John 8:56-59
      1. Jesus says, “Before Abraham was, I AM” — how are the words “I AM’ significant and where are they used by God in the Old Testament?
        1. Read Exodus 3:13-15
      2. Jesus is claiming eternal existence and divinity. This is an essential doctrine of Christianity. Whenever Jesus tells the crowd this, many people abandon him, think he’s crazy, and even want to kill him. However, there are a few who believe in him. Why is it hard to believe and follow Jesus when he claims this?
      3. What does it mean for you to know and believe that the eternal almighty God stepped out of heaven, took on a human body, and allowed himself to be killed to redeem and set us free?
    5. General Questions
      1. How did the sermon impact you?
      2. How did God speak to you Sunday?
      3. What action is God wanting you to take?
  3. Pray