April 15th - John 6:16-29 | Walking on Water


  1. Introduction: 
    1. Icebreaker or Game
    2. Intro Video/Sermon Recap. (If the video doesn’t work you can do your own brief summary the same way.)
  2. Read & Discussion Questions:
    1. Context to Passage
      1. What happened just before verse 16? (Jesus fed the 5,000)
      2. And what did the crowd want to do with Jesus after that miracle? (They wanted to make him King by force).
      3. And instead of allowing them to do this, Jesus does what? (He withdraws from them and goes to a mountain by himself.)
    2. John 6:16-21
      1. What do you think the disciples must have thought to be in the middle of a storm on the lake and seeing a man walking on water?
      2. Why is this miracle so important in the context of Jesus having just withdrawn from the crowd and refusing to let them make him King by force? (Jesus must teach his disciples what is true identity is, much more than just an earthly King or Prophet).
      3. How does Jesus walking on water remove any historical person or event that they could compare Jesus to? Refer to sermon notes for help!
      4. Jesus action of walking on water joined with his statement, “It is I, do not be afraid” shows Jesus saying and doing what only who could do in Jewish tradition? (YHWH [Yahweh], the personal name of God in the OT)
      5. The twelve disciples are left assured the Jesus possess the __________ and __________ of God. (words and power)
    3. John 6:25-29
      1. Jesus says, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” — Why do many of the Jews struggle to believe in Jesus?
      2. What reasons make it hard to believe in Jesus today?
      3. How does truly believing that Jesus possesses the words and power of God impact our lives? (If we really believe that, it is pretty much inevitable to base your whole life upon him, following him, obeying him, learning more about him, etc.

Main Point: John is telling us that if we want a picture of the divine, a picture of holiness, a description of what God is like - we have found it here in Jesus Christ. How does Jesus represent God in ways that we normally don’t think about a god? (Think Thor and Superman picture in contrast).

General Questions

  1. How did the sermon impact you?
  2. How did God speak to you Sunday?
  3. What action is God wanting you to take?
  4. Pray