Dec 9 | John 19:23-37 - Fulfilled, Accomplished, Believe.

Fellowship: Share meal & talk. Icebreaker questions.

Read John 19:23-37

What is the context of the passage?

  • Jesus was unlawfully trialed and found guilty though he committed no sins.

  • He was mocked and beaten.

  • Now, in this passage, his is crucified and dies.

What does this passage reveal about God - what stands out to you?

  • The Father skillfully made a plan and was so committed to it, he ensured it was captured by prophets beforehand. He is the mastermind.

  • In the midst of lifting/carrying the enormous weight of our sins, the Son still went out of his way to take care of another person (his mother).

  • The Holy Spirit ensured essential details were recorded regarding Jesus’ death so we would know it really did happen.

How does this event affect us today? How should we live?

  • Read Isaiah 53:4-6, 10-12 for more perspective.

  • We are part of this story/plan just like those before us and those to come after us. Our sins contributed to the weight he bore.

  • We must believe and not just ‘donate’ our sins. Believe, and receive forgiveness.

  • We should live a life of thankfulness - humbleness.

Reflect & Pray:

  • Praise, Confess, Pray for one another, and make commitments to God in prayer.