November 19th | Acts 8:4-13 - How to Influence Your Coworkers Towards Jesus

Acts 8:4-13  | How to Influence Your Coworkers

  1. Introduction: 

    1. Icebreaker or Game

    2. Sermon Recap.

  2. Read & Discussion Questions:

      1. What is the context of this passage?

        1. Where do we see Philip before in Acts? (Acts 6)

      2. What stood out to you from the text or Ryan’s sermon?

      3. What can we learn from this story about how we can point others to believe in Jesus?

      4. What were Ryan’s points for influencing our coworkers?

      5. What are some practical ways we can influence coworkers towards Jesu?

      6. Who is a coworker you can help influence towards Jesus?

      7. How will you influence them?

  1. Pray