November 11th | Acts 16:22-34 - How to Influence Your Family Towards Jesus

Acts 16:22-34 | How to Influence Your Family Towards Jesus

  1. Introduction: 

    1. Icebreaker or Game

    2. Sermon Recap.

  2. Read & Discussion Questions:

    1. This week we started a new series for November about how you can change the world. 

      1. Have you ever felt a desire to have impact beyond your own life — a desire to change the world somehow, even if a small bit?

    2. If we want to impact the world, we begin by looking at Jesus who has had the greatest impact. The primary thing Jesus did with his life is invest in a handful of people, teaching them, answering their questions, and bringing them along with him. In fact, almost 70% of the passages in the 4 Gospels are about Jesus’ time alone with his disciples.

      1. How did Jesus’ investment into the disciples change the world?

      2. How do you feel knowing the greatest impact you could have on the world would be to invest in a handful of people like Jesus?

    3. Turn to Acts 16:22-34 | This week we focused on staring with our family. How we can influence our family towards Jesus, and picking one family member to begin doing so.

      1. BEFORE reading, what is the context of this passage we are going to read?

    4. Read Acts 16:22-34

      1. What would happen to the jailer if the prisoners escape?

      2. What did Paul and Silas do for the jailer by staying in the jail? (saved his life)

        1. (Not a question, transition statement) The jailer’s entire family ends up getting saved and transformed through this. So, Calvin made 3 made points about how we can influence our family.

      3. The first was your own life needs to be changed. The Jailer’s own life is transformed before he is able to influence his family. Why do we need to be transformed first?

        1. If more of you were in the world (in your family, in your neighborhood, in our work place, etc.) would it be a better place?

      4. The second principle was bring people to what changed you. After being changed, the jailer brings his family to Paul and Silas, or vice versa. What are the things changing your life?

        1. How could you bring someone along with you to those things?

      5. The third principle was Don’t try to convert; try to influence them towards Jesus. What happens when we try to force family members to convert?

        1. You can not convert people, but you can influence them. How can you influence them towards Jesus? (Live differently and bring them along in your own transformation)

      6. Who is the family member you are committing to influence towards Jesus?

      7. How are you planning to do that?

      8. Close praying for our one.

  1. Pray