October 7th | John 16:16-33 - Audience With The Creator

JOHN 16:16-33 | Audience With The Creator


  • Icebreaker or Game

  • Sermon Recap.

Read & Discussion Questions:

  • Read John 16:16-33

  • What is the context of this passage?

  • How do you think the disciples feel knowing Jesus is going away?

  • The first main point was the we can go directly to God in prayer.

    • What are some ways people try to use something or someone else to get to God?

    • In contrast, how can we approach God the Father?

  • The second main point was that we do not have to win God’s favor or earn his attention.

    • Have you ever seen a child who had to earn their relationship with their parents?

    • What are we can treat God like this? (trying to earn his favor/attention?

    • The Gospel is that we can not win or earn God’s favor but we don’t have to because….. (fill in blank)

  • The third main point was that we can ask confidently “in Jesus name”

    • Sometime children are taught to be afraid of authority figures and/or they have to earn the right to speak to them. Has anyone experienced this as a child?

    • How does this impact our adult life in view of authority?

    • How does this affect our view of God the Father as our authority?

    • Jesus says God the Father loves you himself. Hebrews 4:15-16 and Ephesians 3:12 both say we can approach God the Father’s throne with boldness and confidence because Jesus has won that right for us. How does should that impact our view of God and our prayers?

    • How can we approach the throne with boldness?

  • How do you think these words from Jesus impacted the disciples in the midst of the impending crisis?

  • How do these words impact our lives in the midst of our struggles and crisis?



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