October 28th | John 18:1-14 - Complete Power. Complete Surrender.

JOHN 18:1-14 | Complete Power. Complete Surrender


  • Icebreaker or Game

  • Sermon Recap.

Read & Discussion Questions:

  • Read John 18:1-14

    • How did God use this passage to speak to you? What stands out to you?

    • What impacted you in the sermon?

    • If Jesus wanted to avoid being betrayed, arrested, and taken to the cross - how could he have avoided this in the passage? (Not let Judas leave dinner early, go to different garden, not identify himself, not stop Peter, etc.)

    • The author, John, makes it clear that Jesus has complete power and authority - he is in control. Yet, he willingly gives himself up. Why would he does this?

  • Calvin closed with 3 statements:

    • First, we often ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people if God is real and good?” — Calvin challenged us to begin by asking, “When God became man on the earth in Jesus, why did he, being perfect and full of love, allow himself endure the worst evil the world could throw at him?” —- Why would he do this?

    • How are we sometimes Peter, swinging swords thinking it’s God’s will when it isn’t?

    • How should we respond when we realize Jesus’ true identity, which all the preceding chapters of John have made known, and seeing him willing lay that down to go to the cross?



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