September 30th | John 16:5-15 - Convicting to Save

JOHN 16:5-15 | Convicting To Save

I. Introduction:
A. Icebreaker or Game

B. SermonRecap.

Read & Discussion Questions:

A. Read John 16:5-15

  1. What was the definition of sin?

  2. Why is it hard to talk about our own sin?

  3. Calvin read a Charles Spurgeon quote, which ended with “Without

    conviction of sin there can be no salvation” — Why is this so?

  4. Why is it a sin to not believe in Jesus? What other 2 things does it

    mean could believe?

  5. What is righteousness/justice?

  6. If we’re guilty of sin, how does our righteousness and justice stand

    before God?

  7. What does Romans 3:23 say? — If Jesus is the standard, we all fall


  8. What is judgment?

  9. How many bible verses did Calvin say talk about a final judgment?

  10. How often do people talk about a final judgment today?

  11. So, the Holy Spirit’s job is to convict us of sin, righteousness and

    judgment. Why does the Spirit do this?

  12. Read Romans 3:21-16

  13. When we stand before God, how will we be justified and made


  14. Is this Gospel real to you?

III. Pray


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