October 14th | John 17:1-19 - The Open Heart of Jesus

JOHN 17:1-19 | The Open Heart of Jesus

  1. Introduction: 

    1. Icebreaker or Game

    2. Sermon Recap.

  2. Read & Discussion Questions:

    1. Read John 17:1-18 

      1. How did the sermon impact you?

      2. What is the context of this passage?

      3. The first main point was knowing Jesus.

        1. Why is knowing Jesus the foundation to a relationship with him?

      4. Why does Jesus pray in front of the disciples?

      5. The second main point was Jesus cares

        1. How can we tell that Jesus cares about people from reading this passage?

        2. Why does Jesus pray for the disciples?

        3. What does Jesus ask the Father to do with/for the disciples?

      6. The third main point was that we have a message to bring

        1. What is the message?

        2. Why is the message important?

      7. Do you think the disciples saw Jesus in a different way as they remembered this prayer?

      8. How should we see Jesus as we remember this prayer?

  3. Pray